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Dress up with a smart looking tie bar. They are very much in style!!!

Vintage 1947, Music Notes with 3 Sparkling Rendition Diamonds, Tie Bar
Vintage 1949, Cameo on Onyx Tie Bar
Vintage 1950, Initial "B" Tie Bar
Vintage 1948, Dogs Dog Tie Bar
Vintage 1949, Initial "B" Tie Bar
Vintage 1936, ONYX Tennis Racket Racquet Tie Bar ; Like New Condition
Vintage 1949, Detailed Fisherman Fish Tie Bar
Vintage 1952, Leather Tie Bar
Silver Scales of Justice Tie Bar Tiebar
Silver Golf Bag and Golf Clubs Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1955, Japan Japanese Navy Tie Bar
Gold Scales of Justice Tie Bar Tiebar in a Florentine Setting
Classic Army Jeep Tiebar Tie Bar in a Quality Gift Box
Vintage 1949, Egyptian Egypt Hieroglyphics Tie Bar Tiebar
Rare, Department of Justice - US Marshal Tie Bar in its Original Presentation Box
Highest Quality, The Original and Classic, Shiny Silver Knife and Fork Tie Bar Tiebar
Silver Scales of Justice Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1948, Ceramic Oriental Asian Face Tiebar Tie Bar on a Genuine Copper Setting
Navy Seal Team 6 Six Tie Bar Tiebar
Antique Gold, Railroad Train Tiebar in a Leather Gift Box
Rare, Vintage 1949, Chevrolet Chevy Tie Bar
High Quality, Silver Spider Insect Tie Bar Tiebar
Gambler Working Roulette Wheel with Silver Ball, Tie Bar Tiebar
Souvenir of the Chicago 1952 Democratic Convention Tie Bar
Souvenir of 2001 George W Bush Presidential Election Campaign, GOP Tie Bar
"NO SMOKING" Cigarette, Silver Tie Bar
Rhodium Silver Spigot Faucet Tie Bar
Lucky Horseshoe Tie Bar
"OFF" Silver Tie Bar Tiebar
President Herbert Hoover, Facsimile Signature Embossed, Tie Bar; Presentation Box Included
One Pair of 101st Airborne Division, Screaming Eagles, Set of Tie Bar and Matching Cufflinks
Ace of Spades Tie Bar
Silver Ace of Spades Tie Bar
Vice President Spiro Agnew Signature Tie Bar in Original Presentation Box
Silver Passenger Plane Airplane Tie Bar in a Quality Gift Box
Vintage, BPO Elks Cuff Links and Matching Tie Bar Set
Rare, George W. Bush "W-43rd President" Souvenir of 1999 Election Campaign Tie Bar
Gray and Gold Cable Cuff Link and Tie Bar Set
Presidential Retreat Camp David Tie Bar ...as Presented to Retreat Guests
Three Piece Set: Checkerboard Cuff Links and Matching Tie Bar
Rare, Vintage 1949, Chevrolet Chevy Tie Bar
Vintage 1968, BPOE, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Tie Bar
Mexico Emperador Maximiliano Tie Bar
Vintage 1950s "Actual Fishing Fly" Tie Bar
Vintage, August 9, 1974, President Gerald Ford, Genuine Diecast, Signature and Presidential Seal Tie Bar...From Among Those Given to Ceremonial Attendees. Federal Seal Box Included
Vintage 1973, Vice President Gerald R Ford, Signature Tie Bar
Genuine Rhodium Silver Clad, Elephant Tie Bar
Vintage 1950, Golfer Tie Bar
Rare, GW Bush 3-Piece Cuff Links and Tie Bar Set From 2001 Presidential Election Campaign
Official President George W. Bush Signature on Reverse Side; Tie Bar;
Vintage 1959, Huckleberry Hound Cuff Links and Tie Bar Set ... on its Original Vintage Card
Mercedes Tie Bar
Vintage, Masonic Tie Bar
United States Marine Corps USMC Officer's Tie Bar
Vintage 1958, Multi Colored Tie Bar
Vintage Old Time Car Cars Tie Bar
Vintage 1960s, Penny Coins Cuff Links and Tie Bar Set
Vintage 1950, Revolver Pistol Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage Police Athletic League Tie Bar
Vintage 1950, 12KT Gold-filled, Polish Flag Tie Bar
Official Seal of the President of the United States Tie Tack / Tie Bar
Rhodium "NO" Tie Bar
Vintage 1961, Republic Airlines and Aviation Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage, Rifle Tie Bar
Vintage 1949, Sterling and Enamel 3-Piece Sailing Ship Tie Bar and Cuff Links Set
Space Capsule Tie Bar
Sex Instructor, Adult, Tie Bar
Vintage 1935, Genuine Marcasite, Masonic Shriners Shriner Tie Bar with Chain
Shiny Gold, Tailor, Beautician and Barber Scissor Scissors Tie Bar Tiebar
United States Marine Corps USMC, Gold, Enlisted Tie Bar
Vintage 1965, United Way Fundraising Tie Bar
US NAVY CORPSMAN, Silver, Caduceus Tie Bar... in a Quality Gift Box
Vintage 1951, Rifle and Sling Tie Bar
Rare, Vice President Walter Mondale Signature Tie Bar
Vintage 1970, Hebrew, Jewish Judaic Star of David "ZION" Tie Bar
Vintage 1924, Sterling Silver, American Legion Auxiliary, Past President" Collar Pin
Limited Edition, January 20, 1961 JFK Inauguration Souvenir, President John F Kennedy, JFK, "PT 109" Tiebar Tie Bar.
Vintage Austin Unifill Earth Moving and Material Moving Equipment Tiebar Tie Bar
Classic, 14KT Gold Clad, BMW Tie Bar
Vintage 1979, Hiroshima Tie Bar
Adult, Sand and Beach Games Set of "Hang Ten" Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set
Vintage 1949, Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set
Classic, BMW Silver Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1949, United States House of Representatives "New Congressman Orientation" Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1949, DELCO, Tie Bar
Vintage 1967, Crystal Classic, Corning, New York, Tie Bar
Vintage 1940, Ivory and Enamel, Oriental Asian Face Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1949, Mint Condition, Golden Revolver Pistol Tie Bar
Vintage 1950, Official U.S. House of Representatives Tie Bar
Vintage 1938, Oldsmobile Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1946, Baltimore and Ohio "B&O" Railroad Tie Bar Tiebar
Rare, Vintage 1959, SWANK " Arts of the World" Variegated Wood Cufflinks and Tiebar Set in its Original "Collector's" Box
Vintage 1935, Antique Car, Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set
Vintage, Nut and Bolt Tie Bar Tiebar
High Quality Silver and Enamel BMW Tie Bar Tiebar
Army Field Artillery Tie Tack ... or Wear as Lapel Pin
Vintage 1946, Bowling Ball and Pin Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1947, "Pick and Shovel" Coal, Gold and Ore Miner Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1938, Krementz Brand, Masonic Shriners 12 KT Gold with 3 Semi-Precious Jewels Tie Bar Tiebar
70th Infantry Division Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1948, Fraternal Order of Elks Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage, Fraternal Order of Elks Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1955, Solid Sterling Silver, Pilot Guide Dog Award, Tie Bar
Vintage 1940, Correct / Krementz Brand, Pure 14KT Rolled Gold, Red Cabachon Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set
Vintage Fishing Fly Tiebar Tie Bar
Vintage, Fishing Fly Set of Cufflinks plus Exact Match Tiebar Tie Bar
Quality Silver, Poker Gambler and Playing Cards Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1970, U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Tiebar Tie Bar
Vintage 1971, Shriner Shriners "Help a Child Run in 1971" Al Malaikah Tie Bar
Vintage, Bulldozer Earthmover Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage Earthmover Earth Mover Construction Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage "Baby Shoes" Tiebar Tie Bar
Shiny Silver Violin Tie Bar
Classic Irish, Gold Claddagh Tie Bar Tiebar
High Quality, Silver Masonic, Onyx Tie Bar Tiebar
High Quality, Silver, Convertible Car Tie Bar Tiebar
Working Siren Whistle Tie Bar
Vintage Ignition Key to 1956 LaSalle Car Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1952, Souvenir of Presidential Campaign of Dwight David Eisenhower, Tie Bar
Vintage 1954, Silver with Blue Fleur de Lis Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage, Adult Feet Tie Bar
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Seal Cuff Links
Police Officers, Hunters and Sportsmen, Gold and Silver Bullet Shotgun Tie Bar
Vintage 1933, Chicago Worlds Fair "Century of Progess Tie Bar
Vintage 1952, Kaiser Frazer Car Tie Bar
Vintage 1947, Masonic "Gothic Lodge 934, Abe Turk" Freemasons Tie Bar
Space Capsule, World Globe Tie Bar
"ON" Silver Tie Bar Tiebar
Silver, Business Bar Code Barcode and UPC Code Tie Bar Tiebar
Blue, Working Hour Glass Timer, Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1956, Republic Aviation and ACE Aviator Career Education Academy Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1949, Gold Buick Tie Bar
Euro Symbol Tie Bar Tiebar
Silver Puzzle Piece Tie Bar
High Quality, Silver Spider Insect Tie Bar Tiebar
Stunning Silver Knife, Fork and Spoon Tie Bar
Silver Claddagh Tie Bar Tiebar
Two Silver Rings on a Silver Tie Bar
Quality, Brushed Gold, Airplane Tiebar Tie Bar
Gold Motorcycle Tie Bar, Tiebar in a Quality Leather Gift Box
Quality Silver Tie Bar Tiebar in a Leather Gift Box
Gold Railroad Train Tiebar Tie Bar in a Quality Leather Gift Box
Official Navy Officers 14KT Gold Clad Tie Bar, Tie Clasp
Silver and Gold, Car Grille Tie Bar
Vintage 1961, Pacific Northwest BellTelephone Co, 12KT Gold "Anniversary" Tie Bar with Chain
Vintage 1949, "Aloha From Hawaii" Tie Bar Tiebar
Seal Team "3" Three Tie Bar Tiebar
Vintage 1935, Masonic "JRO UAM" United American Mechanics Tie Bar
Vintage Dump Truck Tie Bar
Vintage 1947, Seahorse Tie Bar Tiebar
Rhodium Clad Tiebar Tie Bar with Golfer
Silver Tie Bar TIEBAR with Christian Cross and the Word "Faith"
14KT Gold Clad Horsehead Tie Bar Tiebar

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