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Everything Old Is New Again: Wearing Antique Cufflinks

Do you collect cufflinks? If you're new to the word of cufflinks, you might not have known that there's a huge demand out there for unique and one of a kind cufflinks. If you've been a fan and collector for a while, then you know the appeal of these fine accessories. One great way to add some new and original pieces to your collection is to start looking for antique cufflinks.

At JustCufflinks.com, we pride ourselves on our huge collection of antique cufflinks. Right now, we have almost 90,000 pairs in our collection, and are constantly looking for more to add. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a pair of vintage cufflinks, so make sure you do your research before any kind of purchase.

The first thing to consider before buying a pair of antique cufflinks is the condition of the set. Examine each cufflink's front and back, and make sure all of its moving parts are still functional. If there any problems or blemishes, you want to know upfront and not discover them on your own or later when you've taken them home. We classify all of our antique cufflinks in one of the following categories:

Mint Condition - Like new, with no noticeable blemishes.

Good Condition - Still in great condition, but shows some minor blemishes.

Fair Condition - Definitely shows some wear and blemishes. Still wearable and collectible.

Poor Condition - Shows serious signs of wear and/or major blemishes.

The other important factor to consider before buying antique cufflinks is the store's return policy. What if something happens when you take them home? If there was a defect or other problem that neither you nor the store identified at the time of the purchase, can you take them back? JustCufflinks.com is always happy to work with you on returns, and will gladly exchange cufflinks for another pair. Make sure to protect yourself and you'll be enjoying your new cufflinks for years to come!

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