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The History & Art Of Cuff Links

You've seen them on the wrists of well dressed men and women for years. Cuff links have been a staple of fine dress since as early as the 1500's and continue to be on the cutting edge of style. They might be plain or elaborate, and can be made from any type of metal or fine jewels and crystals. Whatever your taste, there's a pair of cuff links out there to match your style. But where did this piece of fine jewelry originate?

These popular decorative fasteners came to be around the same time that the forerunner of today's shirt first appeared back in the 1500's. The ruffled wristband on these early shirts were finished with small openings on either side that were tied together with what were known as “cuff strings.” These strings would remain popular for centuries, but the cuff link would also gain momentum during this time.

The first cuff links were known as “sleeve buttons” and were typically identical colored glass buttons that were joined by a short linked chain. These gave way to more ornate buttons, often diamonds, which were connected by gold links. This is where the modern cuff link gets its name!

Today, cuff links may include the chain style, smaller links, or may also be a dumbbell shape. It's become popular for links to be offered with sports team logos or other pop culture icons like The Simpsons emblazoned on them. Engraved cuff links are also very popular, especially as wedding gifts. They're the perfect accessory for formal occasions like weddings.

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